Move Over Leaf. Watch Out Spark.

The road is getting a little more crowded when it comes to all-electric vehicles (EVs). Kia Motors Corporation is entering the EV market to compete directly with the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla Model S, and the many others currently available or coming soon. Unlike these vehicles, however, Kia’s EV won’t be a standalone model. That is to say, this new an all-electric vehicle will be a version of the … Continue reading

Introducing the 261 MPG Car

No mistake there. 261 mpg. And it’s not a concept car, either. The Volkswagen XL1 has a 261 miles-per-gallon rating and is a real car actually in production. Granted the original production consists of only 250 XL1s and won’t make its way across the Atlantic to the US, but the fact of the matter is that the XL1 is real. The Engine For the XL1, VW started with a plug-in … Continue reading

GM Takes Hybrid Technology Upscale

General Motors introduced the Cadillac ELR concept at the Detroit Auto Show. This new electric vehicle has the same battery and gasoline generator as the Chevrolet Volt. Who knew you could save the environment and drive in style at the same time? On top of all that, you’ll also have something special with the ELR — GM says it’ll be produced in limited quantities to make it unique for owners. … Continue reading

Folding a Car

Those of us who grew up watching The Jetsons are all still waiting for flying cars that make super cool sounds as you drive them. I don’t know about you, but I’m not expecting that anytime soon. However, thanks to MIT, the Jetsonian future of the automotive industry is one step closer. What am I talking about? The Hiriko Fold, an electric vehicle designed by engineers at MIT in conjunction … Continue reading