How Old Tires Can Be Used for Earthquake Resistant Homes

Upcycling is the process of converting wasted or useless objects into new products. The concept is becoming more popular today because of its environmental advantages. Upcycling is well suited to address scrap tires since nearly 300 million car tires are being discarded every year. Re-Tread Products, Inc. has developed a new building material from old tires called the Tire LogÔ to help reduce the number of tires in landfills while … Continue reading

Michelin Turns Yellowstone Green

This isn’t your usual “green tires” story. Michelin North America Inc. has just renewed a five-year partnership with Yellowstone National Park to help the park reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and its fleet and road maintenance budget. Michelin originally made the agreement to assist Yellowstone with its tire replacement needs after a 2007 study commissioned by the Yellowstone Park Foundation examined the park’s greenhouse gas levels. Michelin started the partnership … Continue reading

Automakers Reduce Manufacturing Waste

By now you’ve heard of the efforts of car companies to amp up the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard for 2025 is 54.5 mpg. A cut in emissions from gas would certainly do the environment some good, but it’s not the only thing automakers are doing to reduce their environmental impact. The effort to reduce the environmental impact of passenger vehicles starts at … Continue reading

Harvesting Tires from Dandelions

Rubber is a natural resource that’s having trouble keeping up with the demand from the growing tire industry. That’s tough music to face for manufacturers and consumers since it makes up 25% or more of the weight of a tire. As demand for the commodity continues to outstrip supply, rubber industry researchers have had their eyes on an unlikely complement to rubber trees in worldwide rubber production – the Russian … Continue reading

He’s Doing His Part. Are You Doing Yours?

Illinois resident Chad Pregracke has been in the news lately for his outstanding work cleaning up the Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers. Since its founding in 1998, Pregracke’s organization, Living Lands & Waters, has grown to be the only “industrial strength” river cleanup organization of its kind. The Living Lands & Waters crew lives on barges for 9 months each year as they travel up and down America’s waterways hosting … Continue reading

Tires Look Good in Green

Are you looking for fuel-efficient, green tires? A report from Smithers Rapra says 28% of the tires on the market are green. By green, we mean the tires have low rolling resistance that makes them fuel efficient, or they were made from renewable or sustainable resources. Because of an increase in demand for green tires, their availability will only go up, according to the report. By 2017, Smithers Rapra expects … Continue reading

7 Uses for Recycled Tires

After tires wear out, they don’t have to become just another part of a pile in a landfill. There are several uses for recycled tires. These applications make sure that the rubber and other materials used in tires don’t go to waste after their treads wear out. Here are 7 of our favorite ways to reuse tires: 1. Clothing Artists and designers have been using recycled items to make clothing … Continue reading