National Relaxation Day — 3 Ways to Relax while Driving

What started out as “National Slacker Day” in Britain back in 2001 has become “National Relaxation Day” here in the States — a day to focus on our minds, on our breathing, on reducing our stress levels. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are increasingly popular, but today I want to hone in on what we can do on National Relaxation Day in terms of driving. Some folks like me don’t mind driving … Continue reading

tire workouts

Tire Workouts: Burn Fat and Build Muscle with Tire Exercises

Tire Exercise #1: Tire Flips Flipping a ginormous tractor tire over is an obvious choice for tire workouts. And like most things in fitness, there are a lot of opinions. At, Zack Even-Esh says that with tire flips, “your reward will be a new level of power and athleticism!” Yet tire flips make a list of 5 most overrated exercises. The issue with tire flips come down to … Continue reading

Go Red for Women 2016, RightTurn Style

For Go Red for Women 2016, the folks here at RightTurn wanted to go red in a big way. So we made red our company dress code! (Actual dresses were completely optional.) In all seriousness, we at RightTurn go red for women because heart disease is an issue that affects so many of us. “Every single minute, a woman loses her life to heart disease. Therefore, I Go Red for my mother, … Continue reading

How Are Tires Helping to Fight Ebola?

So the Ebola virus has been getting a lot of attention lately, and for obvious reasons. Even though it isn’t nearly as contagious as other diseases, Ebola is a gruesome disease that people are increasingly fearful of. So what do Firestone tires have to do with it? It turns out Bridgestone is donating $1 million to help combat the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and Nigeria. Firestone is a Bridgestone subsidiary, … Continue reading