Funny & Wacky Helmets.

Everyone knows they should wear their seatbelt when riding in a car. In fact it’s the law here in Ohio. So it makes sense that everyone should wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle or scooter. I have a scooter. The thought of hitting my head while moving faster than a light jog kind of scares me. Concussions and brain damage scare me. I always wear my helmet. ALWAYS. … Continue reading

How Much Helmet Will $1.5K Get You?

The Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet, “a motorcycle helmet for the digital world” according to Popular Science, is now available for pre-order. And if you do, you can save $100 on what seems like a rather lofty price tag: $1,499. And what does that price tag get you? See for yourself: The Skully AR-1 helmet features a transparent heads-up display that shows information such as current speed, turn-by-turn directions, and incoming calls. … Continue reading