Firestone tires

Brand Spotlight: Firestone

The Foundations What made Akron, Ohio so popular for tires? Why is it “The Rubber Capital of the World?” I can’t really say, but just a short time after Goodyear planted its roots there, The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company set up shop in the small city too. It was 1900, and Harvey Firestone, an early automotive enthusiast, saw an opportunity to make the auto industry better. From the beginning, … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Continental Tire

What do tires and a rampant horse have to do with each other? Continental Tire, that’s what. In 1882, eleven years after Continental was founded, the tire company adopted the “rampant horse” as their logo. And it’s an appropriate logo for a company that’s devoted to helping your car get the most powerful, exciting performance it can. When the Rubber Met the Road Continental Tire was founded in 1871 in … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Kumho

A good way to understand Kumho Tire is through a message from the current CEO, Kim Chang-Kyu. His statement to customers provides a glimpse into the company’s overall philosophy: “We will place the top priority on quality and environment to move the hearts of customers.” In other words, Kumho’s targets are quality products, environmental friendliness, and harnessing the customers’ love of driving. Those targets have been the aim for Kumho since … Continue reading

best car movies

10 Best Car Movies of All Time

We have to lay down some ground rules for this one. Cars are a huge part of the cinematic experience — whether you’re watching Thelma and Louise embark on a long trip to get away from their dreary lives or seeing Chris Farley head across the nation selling brake pads to save his family’s business. Stories are naturally about movement — getting from one place to the next. There is … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Toyo Tires

Seventy years ago in Japan, Rikimatsu Tomihisa saw an opportunity to provide the world with better tires. As a result, he founded Toyo Tire & Rubber Company. Out of the Ashes After two companies’ manufacturing plants were completely destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II, they cooperated to rebuild and form a new company. Those companies were Toyo Rubber Industrial and Hirano Rubber Manufacturing. Together they successfully reestablished their … Continue reading

The Guardians of Traffic

What if I told you that there is a bridge in Cleveland that has extra eyes on the road for you? By the renowned West Side Market, immense and iconic Art Deco statues watch over the daily traffic that passes over the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. The Guardians of Traffic were created in 1932 by sculptor Harry Hering and architect Frank Walker. These massive statues have become famous symbols in Cleveland and are … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: General Tire

During the 1910s and 1920s, competition was stiff in the relatively new automobile tire industry. Especially in Akron, Ohio. General Tire fought through the fierce competition after its founding in 1915 and is still making great tires today. A Focused Beginning The founders of General Tire, William F. O’Neil and Winifred E. Fouse, saw a business opportunity that led to early success. Instead of focusing on tires that would be … Continue reading

The History of Goodyear

An Interesting Beginning Throughout history since the Industrial Revolution, there has been a distinct aim to improve manufacturing processes. The more efficient they are, the more money they can potentially make. So it seemed like a questionable idea to some when, in 1898, Frank A. Seiberling founded The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. Why? Akron is a landlocked town that at the time had limited railroad access. … Continue reading

Tales of Toyota

Established in 1937, Toyota has enjoyed over 75 years of tremendous success and has developed into one of the most prominent car manufacturers worldwide. I actually even have a pretty memorable personal connection to Toyota: the first car I ever drove by myself was a Toyota Prius. It was a very exciting moment! With Toyota’s successful past and bright future, I thought it would be fun and interesting to look back … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Yokohama

For The Right Lane’s next installment in our “Brand Spotlight” series, we turn to Yokohama. If you’ve never heard of Yokohama tires, then you’re probably not an auto enthusiast. Lovers of motorsports should know the Yokohama brand well too. But if you don’t, here’s a great chance to learn more about a manufacturer that produces excellent tires. The Early Years at Yokohama On October 13, 1917 a partnership was formed between … Continue reading