20 Cars that Get the Most Traffic Tickets

Have you gotten a speeding ticket in the last three years? I have—thanks to one of those darned automatic traffic enforcement cameras (which were recently voted down here in Cleveland and may soon be eliminated throughout most of Ohio). That puts me in the 19.9% of drivers with a traffic violation in the last three years, according to this insurance.com article. That’s for all vehicle models, and I read up … Continue reading

A Trip to Detroit for NAIAS 2014

It’s a good thing I put winter tires on my Juke. Every year, my dad and I go to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. So this past weekend I drove back to my hometown just north of Detroit. And as you’ve surely heard by now, the roads are a mess in the Midwest lately. But luckily I made it there and back in one piece, so I get … Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year Again

Winter tire time of course. I promised in last week’s post about winter driving tips to share my own secret tip. And that secret is winter tires. Snowy weather is already messing up the roads here in Cleveland, so it’s time I swapped out my all-season tires for my beloved Michelin X-Ice Xi3 winter tires. Why, you ask, do I need winter tires if I have all-season tires? Why do you … Continue reading

#WinterTireWeek Sweepstakes

It’s Winter Tire Week at RightTurn! Now’s your chance to win a free set of winter tires plus a free winter driving class! Enter to win at RightTurn’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RightTurnNow. Keep an eye out for our #WinterTireWeek posts on Facebook today through Sunday, October 27. Share a post and LIKE it for a chance to win. That’s all it takes! LIKE as many posts as you want—each one counts … Continue reading