Jaguar Land Rover Just Bought 543 What? Find Out Here.

Sparkling green countryside, dramatic grey skies, and Bond—James Bond. This is what comes to mind when I think of Jaguar and I must admit this vision of mine is heavily influenced by the most recent Bond movie, Skyfall, in which Bond at one point zips around in a gorgeous Jaguar XJ (with Bond looking quite gorgeous himself). Alas, the point of this post is not my infatuation with James Bond … Continue reading

Jaguar & Land Rover — Sisters Growing Closer

Some of you may not realize, but Jaguar and Land Rover are sister companies. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Sure, Jaguar engineers high-powered supercars and lavish touring cars. Meanwhile, Land Rover creates vehicles at the opposite end of the performance spectrum, rugged SUVs. Despite these differences, there’s one characteristic that these sisters share. High-end luxury. Well, now the sisters will share another thing. A new badge. … Continue reading

See Right Through Land Rover’s Transparent Car

Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of a car that isn’t yours and felt like the hood is way longer than you’re used to? It can be unsettling if you see less of what’s in front of you than you’re used to. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just see right through a car’s front end so there was nothing between your eyes and the road? Land Rover … Continue reading

Want to Drive like James Bond? It’ll Only Cost You $33 Million

For $33 million, you could own nearly 60 iconic James Bond vehicles: Aston Martins (including the DB5 featured in Goldeneye and the DBS from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), BMWs, an Audi A5 and Land Rover Defender from Skyfall, and even a tank! Check out the collection at The collection is currently housed at the Miami Auto Museum and owned by Michael Dezer, a real estate developer. Dezer is … Continue reading

“iOS in the Car” Grows Up, Becomes “CarPlay”

The battle for mobile platform dominance in cars wages on. A recent post by Lara, Apple or Android?, discussed Google’s alliance with automakers to establish an Android-based standard. This came after Apple’s announcement of “iOS in the Car” back in June of 2013. But now Apple’s iOS-based standard is back in the news and with a much more Apple-esque name: CarPlay. Apple says that CarPlay will give drivers distraction-free access … Continue reading