No, it’s not a romance novel. It’s a car. And I love it.

It’s the sexiest car ever to meet my eyes: the Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion. And it has been turning heads more than the latest 50 Shades of Gray trailers. (Okay, maybe not quite that many heads… unless you’re only counting tech nerds, like those at the Consumer Electronics Show where the Mercedes-Benz Luxury in Motion concept car stole the show, according to Forbes.) There Luxury in Motion is … Continue reading

How about a Little Bling?

Or, in this case, a lot of bling. I’m not sure I could have imagined this without actually seeing a picture — it’s a Swarovski crystal-covered car. Apparently, owning a luxurious Mercedes-Benz 2011 CLS 350 wasn’t enough for this Russian business student. No, Daria Radionova had to pay £20,000 (which is currently over $31,000) to have her car covered in one million Swarovski crystals. For those of you not familiar … Continue reading

A Truck That Drives Itself

Here at the Right Lane, we love technology. We love all things new and shiny. So, of course, we’ve written a couple of articles about self-driving cars. But now we’re talking about a self-driving truck. Designed by Daimler (think Mercedes-Benz), this Future Truck 2025 is crazy looking. What I find most interesting is that the truck doesn’t have traditional headlights. Instead, the entire front lights up. And side mirrors are … Continue reading

“License and registration, please.”

“But, Officer, I wasn’t driving. My car was.” That might seem like an outlandish exchange, but with driverless cars becoming a reality, it might not be impossible in the near future. Especially because of new legislation popping up in states around the US. Driving Without a License While public opinion is still up in the air about autonomous vehicles, as you can see in this recent article on The Right … Continue reading

Mario in a Mercedes-Benz

I am by no means a gamer. But then there’s Mario Kart. I’ll play that for hours at a time. It’s been a favorite of countless gamers and non-gamers alike for years. Actually, almost all of the games in the Mario Brothers franchise are loved by hardcore joystick heads and casual, random-button-mashing game players like me. Over the years, we’ve seen Mario sporting magical fireball overalls, wearing a penguin suit, riding … Continue reading