Let’s Talk Mom Cars

I hope you enjoyed our first article in honor of our May Celebration of Mothers! Our second one asked women to tell us what they drove before and after they became moms. I’ve written before about how I bought a new car when I found out I was pregnant. Safety and reliability became more important to me than they had previously. I was curious if other mothers made drastic changes. … Continue reading

What’s in Your Head? Your Car Choice May Reveal a Lot

Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller says purchase choices of things like cars show a person’s creativity, intelligence, and other personality traits. Miller says we make this type of purchase strategically, mostly to attract a mate. Dr. Leon James of the University of Hawaii has been studying the psychology of driving for over 20 years and has found that drivers idealize their cars and even anthropomorphize them — that is, give them human traits (like names … Continue reading