Traffic Safety & Driving Safety around the World

Traffic safety and driving safety tips are always worthwhile topics, but they’re definitely having their moment in the sun this week. India: Army man turned poet writes song of driving safety tips. Since retiring from the army, Ishwar Chand Gambhir enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. His latest inspiration? Traffic safety. He’s penned a song hoping to spread awareness of traffic rules and inspire drivers to follow them. Next … Continue reading

A Spring Playlist for You

One of my favorite aspects of driving (on awesome tires) is rolling down the windows, cranking up some tunes, and feeling freedom. For those of us living relatively normal lives, I’m not sure there’s anything more freeing. It can actually make a drive to the grocery store a pleasure! Spring Driving Playlist Enjoy this and other playlists of ours by following RightTurnNow on Spotify. Since spring represents a time of renewal, I … Continue reading

RightTurn’s Favorite Car-Related Playlist

We’ve put together a short list of songs for our favorite car-related playlist that get us in the mood for summer driving. By the sound of it, the RightTurn team’s musical tastes are as eclectic as the tires we sell. What is it about a song that makes driving so fun? Or does the driving make the song better? Seeing as how I just blew your mind, listen to our new … Continue reading

Listen to RightTurn’s “Songs about Cars” Spotify Playlist

Earlier this year, I posted a list of songs about cars and other good music for driving. But you know what? Reading a list of song titles isn’t all that fun. So I turned it into a Spotify playlist! Listen to RightTurn’s “Songs about Cars” playlist on Spotify. There’s so much more music, car-related and otherwise, that I want to subject… I mean share with you, so stay tuned for … Continue reading

Songs about Cars and Other Good Music for Driving

Blasting your favorite tunes (and singing along when you’re alone) is a favorite part of driving for many people. Ever since the first car radio, music and motoring have had a strong connection. So it’s no surprise that a number of musicians have written songs dedicated to cars and driving. I scoured the internet for some of the best ones, but before I share what I found, I have to … Continue reading

Have You Caused an Accident?

Typically when I get behind the wheel, I have a little ritual I run through. Put seatbelt on, make sure my cargo is secure, get my phone out to map my route, and I usually turn on Pandora to my Justin Timberlake station. Then off I go, thinking very little that my trip will result in my safe arrival at my destination. I’m a huge proponent of no texting and … Continue reading

“iOS in the Car” Grows Up, Becomes “CarPlay”

The battle for mobile platform dominance in cars wages on. A recent post by Lara, Apple or Android?, discussed Google’s alliance with automakers to establish an Android-based standard. This came after Apple’s announcement of “iOS in the Car” back in June of 2013. But now Apple’s iOS-based standard is back in the news and with a much more Apple-esque name: CarPlay. Apple says that CarPlay will give drivers distraction-free access … Continue reading

Singing Tires

Ok, not really. The tires aren’t singing, but people are singing about tires and have been for quite a while. We figured that a good way to close out this week would be to leave you with some musical references to tires. This article was inspired by Jimmy Buffett’s Life is Just a Tire Swing, but there are several others. For the country fans out there, Brad Paisley offers Mud … Continue reading

Stuff We’re Thankful For

Around the country, people are (hopefully) focused on gratitude. Jeffrey, Ashlee, and I took some time out to say our thanks for a few things, auto related, of course. Here they are! Jenn. I’ve heard it said that gratitude should focus on the small things, so I’m thankful that all the small things that make my car run well are, well, running well. I’m also pretty happy with my new … Continue reading