Low-Profile Tires Aren’t Keeping a Low Profile

If the idea was to stay out of the public eye, low-profile tires aren’t doing a very good job. Maybe we should think of a new name. Low-profile tires give the customers a larger wheel for a more fashionable aesthetic. And one thing I know to be true about life is that looking good is pretty important. Especially when it comes to our cars. What is A Low-Profile Tire? A … Continue reading

Tires and Road Noise — Good or Bad?

Tires may be noisy for some cars but quiet on others, so how can you tell if the tire noise you’re experiencing is good or bad? It’s important to know  that tire noise can just be an annoyance rather than an indicator that something bigger is wrong with your car. However, the constant humming could also be a sign that some other part of your car needs attention. Why Does … Continue reading