Traffic Safety & Driving Safety around the World

Traffic safety and driving safety tips are always worthwhile topics, but they’re definitely having their moment in the sun this week. India: Army man turned poet writes song of driving safety tips. Since retiring from the army, Ishwar Chand Gambhir enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. His latest inspiration? Traffic safety. He’s penned a song hoping to spread awareness of traffic rules and inspire drivers to follow them. Next … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Goodyear

I have a thing for Goodyear, from it being an Ohio company to the fact that I got to ride the Goodyear blimp. I even like their ads, and it’s not always easy to make tires exciting (I mean RightTurn is good at it, but not everyone is). Source: What really blows my mind is that Goodyear has been around since 1898! More than a century of experience—it’s no wonder … Continue reading

Ohio Welcomes Superman License Plates

Ohioans can now drive around with Superman license plates on their cars or trucks! Thanks to State Rep. Bill Patmon, the plate will feature the iconic S and “Truth, Justice and the American Way” slogan. Why Ohio? Because that’s where Superman was born. Well, that’s where Clevelanders Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster invented him. In fact, the plate couldn’t say “Ohio: Birthplace of Superman” — because he was born on … Continue reading