pirelli calendar

Have You Seen the New Pirelli Calendar?

By now, you’ve probably seen the Amy Schumer photograph. She joins Serena Williams, Hoko Ono, Patti Smith and other well deserving women. Amy and Serena are the only two who are not fully dressed. The annual Pirelli calendar has historically been known for its photos of scantily clad women, which is why this version is making headlines everywhere. The women are clothed and celebrated for their accomplishments. Plus, the photographs … Continue reading

vintage ads

Vintage Ads about Tires I Love

Why do I love these vintage ads about tires I just stumbled across? Because they’re inspiring. Tires aren’t always the most eye-catching products out there. They are a marvel of modern engineering, but to folks like you, they may just seem like black, round things you’re required to buy every now and then. I’ve had my moments thinking I’ve run out of ways to talk about tires. But then I … Continue reading

Tire Deals for March 2015

Just like last month, Infiniti drivers can save $150 instantly when you buy four new tires, but March brings a number of other deals that all drivers can enjoy! Just in time, too, ’cause April showers will be here in no time. Infiniti: $150 Instant Savings Goodyear & Dunlop: $60 Cash Back Bridgestone: $70 Cash Back (Starts March 15) BFGoodrich: Up to $70 Cash Back (Starts  March 16) Pirelli: $60 Cash Back (Starts … Continue reading

Pirelli Quiets Down Tires from Inside

There’s nothing new about tire companies offering tires with a “smooth, quiet ride.” Many passenger tires fit this bill today. Many tire makers have proprietary technologies to deal with the noise from vibrations caused by the tire tread pattern rolling against the road — and they work. But one tire maker is taking this a step further to address customer demand for a quiet ride and tightening European Union regulations … Continue reading

Pirelli Says a Tire Slim-Down Lies Ahead

Tall, skinny, and Italian. No, we’re not talking about high fashion models wearing the latest designs on Milan runways. Italian tire maker Pirelli says that’s the future of passenger tires. Pirelli Australia technical manager Simon Pool says the tires of the near future will be much taller and thinner than the tires we see on the roads today. The upcoming changes predicted by Pirelli come in response to tightening European … Continue reading