Like roller coasters? You’ll love Tesla’s “Insane Mode”

Tesla has a habit of making headlines, but one recent development that hasn’t gotten quite as much attention is “Insane Mode”. The Tesla Model S comes with different battery packages, and accordingly different performance specs. Larger batteries offer longer range and higher tip speed, but it’s the 0-60 speed that people are going insane over: Tesla Model S: 0-60 Mph Times 60 (60 kWh Battery): 5.9 seconds 85 (85 kWh … Continue reading

Michelin and Porsche Make a New Tire for the Carrera GT

You know how we’re always saying that the right tires for your vehicle make a big difference in the performance of whatever you drive? Well, here’s some proof. Automakers and tire manufacturers work together to produce tires for specific vehicles to make sure they perform at their peaks. One such team, Porsche and Michelin, recently finished a tire specifically for the Carrera GT sports car. It’s a version of the … Continue reading