A Labor Day Haiku

As I pondered the meaning of Labor Day (meaning went to Wikipedia and dol.gov/laborday/), I was inspired to write a haiku about the national holiday. Labor Day, to me time to grill burgers and dogs homemade ketchup? yes Seriously though. This Killer Inside Out Burger with Worcestershire Tomato Ketchup recipe is the ?. Happy Labor Day!

4th of July fireworks, fourth of july fireworks

4th of July Road Trip to the Best Fireworks Shows

I know, I know — the 4th of July is about more than fireworks. I have just as much respect as you do for freedom, America… all that jazz. But the inner kid in me, all he cares about is fireworks. And one thing I like to do is take Fourth of July road trips to experience fireworks shows in other parts of the country. If a 4th of July … Continue reading

How Are Wheels and Cinco de Mayo Related?

Lime wheels, that is. A cold margarita (virgin if you’re driving) is the perfect drink for Cinco de Mayo. And a lime wheel is the perfect garnish. Plus, it’s dead easy to make lime wheels. Take a lime, slice it into wheels, give each wheel a little notch, and slide them onto a salty rim. That’s how I’ve always done it anyway. But then I watched this video about how to … Continue reading