Indosole is Turning Tires into Shoes

Most tires look pretty much the same, at least from afar. This I will concede. But you know what doesn’t look the same at all? All the different shoes made of tires at Turning tires into shoes isn’t a new concept, but what makes Indosole (based in Indonesia, bene the name) stand is out is how cool the shoes look. Not only are they keeping tires from landfills, they’re … Continue reading

Check Out This House Made of Tires!

RightTurn’s customer service team has answers for all sorts of tire and vehicle questions, but a while ago we got one that threw us for a loop. Someone was trying to figure out an easy way to remove the bead wire from a tire to make a squirrel house. Nobody here had ever heard of making squirrel houses out of tires, but apparently it is a thing. I did a … Continue reading

What Tires Have to Do with Alcohol, Powder & Butterflies

Michelin is driving a new tire recycling project called TREC (which stands for tire recycling but makes me think of T-Rex). The project has two parts: TREC Regeneration and TREC Alcohol. TREC Regeneration In collaboration with SDTech (a company that specializes in micronization) and Protéus (a biotechnology firm), Michelin is using creating a micropowder out of used tires that can in turn be used as an ingredient for new high-performance Michelin tires. … Continue reading

7 Uses for Recycled Tires

After tires wear out, they don’t have to become just another part of a pile in a landfill. There are several uses for recycled tires. These applications make sure that the rubber and other materials used in tires don’t go to waste after their treads wear out. Here are 7 of our favorite ways to reuse tires: 1. Clothing Artists and designers have been using recycled items to make clothing … Continue reading