recycled tires

Let’s Hear It for Recycled Tires

I know what you’re thinking — how on earth can we celebrate ecological sustainability with tires? Thank goodness we are here to help. Tires are essential to your driving safety, and everyone from the automotive companies to the tire manufacturers — and those of us in between — are committed to keeping the earth as healthy as possible. That’s why we’ve written so many articles about sustainability. Here’s a handy … Continue reading

Renewable Tires By 2020?

I’m feeling like we’re on the cutting edge here at The Right Lane. We’ve brought you a few articles focused on environmentally friendly endeavors in the automotive world. Automakers are actively reducing manufacturing waste, and green tires are on the rise. We’ve even written about tires made from dandelions. Now, executives at Continental Tire have given us an estimated timeline. Boris Mergell, head of material and process engineering says that … Continue reading