What You Need to Know about Buying Tires

What makes a good tire? That’s easy. When choosing a tire for your vehicle, consider your needs as a driver including your driving style, distance, types of roads you usually travel, and the weather you typically encounter. Once those are determined, you can easily find the tire that best fits your car, and best fits your needs. There is no one tire fits all, so it’s important to know what all those … Continue reading

RightTurn’s Road Trip Destinations Series: Oregon

Oregon, here we come! Oregon is the nation’s top moving destination for the third straight year, so an Oregon road trip just might be the thing to do this summer. The 39th Annual National Movers Study says that inbound migration has increased by 10% over the last six years. It’s like the second coming of the Oregon Trail! Of course, no covered wagon needed; just roll with the right rubber! … Continue reading

ideas for fathers day

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: A RightTurn Survey

I might not be a dad just yet, but I’m lucky enough to have one and I try to show my appreciation every time I see him. And even though I know he’ll love any gift I get him for Father’s Day, there’s still a small amount of stress when finding ideas for Father’s Day. We all know that the cliché Father’s Day tie is a bad idea (do people … Continue reading

There Are Many Types of Tires to Choose From. Find Your Mate.

Have you been unlucky in tire love? Do you always end up going out with the wrong types of tires? You know those kinds of outings, when you feel less secure and that there’s a good chance it might become flat. We know it’s extremely difficult to get set up with the perfect match. So that’s why we created RightTurn.com. Millions of people are searching for that perfect tire online. … Continue reading

thanksgiving tips

To Grandmother’s House We Go!

To everyone who has learned a few things about tires, laughed a little at our quirky posts, or purchased some new tires through us, RightTurn would like to extend a very warm thank you! We are sincerely grateful for our families, friends, and customers. On your way over the river and through the woods, make sure your tires are ready for the weather! If you’re all set on tires and … Continue reading

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Want to Buy Tires Online? Here’s How It Works at RightTurn.com

Most of us have bought at least one thing or another online before. It’s pretty simple, right? Find what you want, buy it, and excitedly await its arrival in the mail. But if you’re going to buy tires online, you don’t want tires to arrive in the mail, right? That would ruin the convenience of buying tires online in the first place, because now you have to shove tires into … Continue reading

3 Tire Shopping Hacks That Will Help You Get the Tires You Need

When it’s time to buy new tires, where do you turn? To the last guy who got you rolling? The local tire warehouse? Online? Even the most seasoned car fanatic needs to buy tires sooner or later, and although you know your vehicle, you may not know the best way to get the tires meant for your ride. It’s easy to ignore all of the info out there when you … Continue reading

It’s not “Goodbye.” It’s “See You Later.”

Actually, it really is “goodbye.” But I hate that word! Not to mention that it doesn’t really feel like I’m leaving, per se. Yes, my time as a Right Lane blogger comes to an end today. However, unlike Jeff, I’m not taking a road trip across the country. I’m actually just going down the stairs and around the corner. I’m making a transition that’s really exciting for me. I’m going … Continue reading

RightTurn is in Dallas

Dallas is RightTurn’s first city, meaning it’s the first place where you can use us to find the right tire for your vehicle. I’m sure you’re asking, so there’s a wrong tire? There’s more to a tire than just its size. Each automaker sets standards for each vehicle to help ensure its performance and safety. We only show you the tires that meet or exceed those standards. Then we send … Continue reading