How Much Do You Know about Tire Inflation?

If you’re like most Americans, not much according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). After analyzing tire pressure data from more than 3,000 vehicles across the country, the RMA had some pretty dismal findings: Only 9% of vehicles had all four tires inflated properly. 69% of vehicles had one or more underinflated tires. 5 out of 6 drivers don’t properly check their tire pressure. Checking your tire pressure really only … Continue reading

National Tire Safety Week

When you’re in the tire business like RightTurn is, you’re also in the safety business. That’s why we go to great lengths to educate our readers and customers on safety. Right now through June 8 is a particularly good time to talk about tire safety. That’s because it’s the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s (RMA) National Tire Safety Week. Why have a National Tire Safety Week? Well, tires are the only parts … Continue reading