cold tires

How Extreme Cold Affects Your Tires

Tires are exposed to harsh environmental conditions depending on your region, be it hot or cold. Not to mention the stress your driving can put on them in those conditions. Extreme heat adds stress to your tires and can result in a dangerous blowout while driving. Older tires are obviously more at risk, but you should always remember to check your tires for any cracking, underinflation, or damage of any … Continue reading

Continental Breaks Speed Records

With the help of specially engineered Continental tires, Colin Braun and the Michael Shank Racing Ford EcoBoost-powered Daytona Prototype broke both the 10-mile and 10-kilometer world speed records from a standing start this past October. The former records, held by Hans Leibold since May 5, 1979: 10-mile speed: 208.316 mph 10-km speed: 320.422 kph The new records, set by Colin Braun on October 9, 2013: 10-mile speed: 210.017 mph 10-km speed: … Continue reading