Chinese Tires. A Risky Deal.

My husband always says “you get what you pay for.” While I am a bargain shopper always on the lookout for the next sale, I am also aware that cheaper is oftentimes not better. Take tires, for instance. We here at RightTurn start to pace back and forth and wipe our sweaty brows a little when we hear two words: Chinese tires. Why, you ask? Are we afraid of a … Continue reading

National Tire Safety Week

When you’re in the tire business like RightTurn is, you’re also in the safety business. That’s why we go to great lengths to educate our readers and customers on safety. Right now through June 8 is a particularly good time to talk about tire safety. That’s because it’s the Rubber Manufacturers Association’s (RMA) National Tire Safety Week. Why have a National Tire Safety Week? Well, tires are the only parts … Continue reading

Are Your Tires Safe?

There are 2 main factors that help keep your tires safe: how tires are manufactured and selected for your vehicle and how long you can safely drive on your tires. Safety Laws The U.S. federal government sets minimum standards for tire performance and quality. The government also sets standards for tire labeling. These labeling regulations mandate that tires have certain information on them in very specific formats. The government sets … Continue reading