National Relaxation Day — 3 Ways to Relax while Driving

What started out as “National Slacker Day” in Britain back in 2001 has become “National Relaxation Day” here in the States — a day to focus on our minds, on our breathing, on reducing our stress levels. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are increasingly popular, but today I want to hone in on what we can do on National Relaxation Day in terms of driving. Some folks like me don’t mind driving … Continue reading

RightTurn Takes Dash “Fitbit for Cars” Driving App for a Spin

As I’ve admitted here on the RightTurn blog before, I’m a nerd: a techie nerd, science nerd, tire nerd… so let’s just add one more to the list while we’re at it: data nerd. Yes, I admit it. I make spreadsheets and charts just for fun. Numbers, statistics, research, I soak it all up. So it’s no surprise that I’m pretty interested in the whole “quantified self” thing. Smartphones and … Continue reading