Snow Tires — 3 Things You Don’t Know about Winter Tires

So it isn’t winter quite yet, but right about now is when you want to start thinking about buying winter tires (AKA snow tires) in preparation for what Mother Nature has in store the next couple months. Winter tires aren’t nearly as popular here in the States as over in Europe, which goes to show how much people don’t know about them. Like the fact that they’re not just for snow, even though many … Continue reading

winter safety tips

3 Major Winter Safety Tips  

We’re halfway through winter (ok not really, but close), and El Niño has kept it mild for many of us. We are still, however, in winter driving season. Because winter driving means more than snow. First, there’s a reason why we here at are pretty adamant about calling winter tires “winter tires” as opposed to “snow tires.” Most all-season tires harden starting at 45°F. This turns them into hockey … Continue reading