Make Your Summer Joyride a Safe Ride

Summer is so close you can literally feel it. The weather is just beginning to gain enough strength to kick old man winter out the door. And that means riding around with the radio up and the windows down. If you’re looking forward to taking your sports car out this summer and hitting the open road, you clearly value precision and handling rather than an easier, laid back ride. But … Continue reading

tire myths

Tire Facts and Tire Myths

Some people just aren’t sure about what’s true and false when it comes down to their tires. Not all tires are the same and limited knowledge about tires change perceptions and myths begin to take form. But the topic of tires is not that simple, so RightTurn is here to help you distinguish the difference between the tire facts and tire myths. Myth  Of course I know my tire’s recommended … Continue reading

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Not long ago I wrote about the 10 best car movies of all time. It’s certainly too early to tell, but this year’s Autobahn might be one to consider for future lists. The thriller has an A-list cast and a setting that most car lovers would love to tear up their tread on — the German Autobahn. After hearing of this movie’s upcoming release, it got me thinking if there … Continue reading