How Your Living Environment Affects Tire Life

Tire Life: City vs. Suburbs It would be completely false and unfair to say that driving in one place is better or more beneficial than the other regarding tire life. That’s simply not the case. However, it’s important to note the types of roads/situations you typically encounter on your daily commute and just how it is you like to drive on those roads. Here are four things to consider regarding … Continue reading

The Lowdown on High Performance Tires

A few days ago, while working on a project here at RightTurn, someone mentioned high performance tires. When I heard the term, I imagined sleek, speedy Italian sports cars zipping down a beautiful coastal highway — James Bond style. But, I still wasn’t totally sure what exactly high performance tires were, so I did a little recon. It turns out that the name is pretty self-explanatory…high performance tires are designed … Continue reading