Make Your Own Luck While Driving

Happy Safe Patty’s Day! That’s the new name we’ve come up with to remind you of the importance of St. Patrick’s Day safety. Luckily, we’re making our way out of winter and heading toward the promise of summer through a delightful spring. But as we all know, luck is an odd thing. We’ve all been there before; you end up taking a day off from work and it turns out … Continue reading

It’s “I Am In Control Day” — But are your tires?

April showers are on their way, and you know what that means for roads: slippery conditions. And since today is “I Am In Control Day” (I’m sure you already knew this), I wanted to look at one important aspect of control: how well your tires are in control. Spring is a perfect time to get new tires that can handle the rain, but did you know that even brand new … Continue reading

Michelin Premier: “Safe When New. Safe When Worn”

Tires manufacturers incorporate all sorts of features into tread patterns, and this tread design is a big part of a tire’s performance capabilities. The problem is that all tires wear down with use, and so some of that performance diminishes. And worn tires that can’t stop well on wet roads are one of the most noticeable examples of this. When the grooves that channel water out from under the tire … Continue reading