summer driving safety

Summer Driving Safety—3 Hazards to Watch For

What’s the most dangerous time of year to drive? Winter seems like the obvious answer. But while white snow and white-knuckle driving can go hand-in-hand, summer driving has its own safety dangers. By some measures, summer is actually the most dangerous time of year for driving. Here are some summer driving safety hazards to watch for. 1 — Tire Issues Winter wreaks havoc on roads, and that havoc lingers around as … Continue reading

Do your ears hang low…

…do they wobble to and fro. That’s the song that played from the ice cream truck growing up in my neighborhood. Telling everyone that it’s summer time. Come out and play! It was always a race to track down the ice cream truck, to learn the route, and to make sure you had enough babysitting money to buy your favorite treat. The guys of Ice Cream Expedition are on a … Continue reading

Before You Hit the Road, Give Your Tires a Look

Yes, believe it or not, summer is almost here. And if you’re like most people, with it brings a lot of traveling. I have a few weekend road trips planned myself. But before you hit the road, check out our summer driving safety checklist for a few tips to help you address vehicle safety issues and even save some gas money on your trip. We made this road trip checklist for National … Continue reading