Distracted Drivers: GM Has Its Eyes on You!

Have you ever read or written a text message while driving? Dangerous as it is, many of us have. General Motors is trying to curb this risky habit through facial recognition technology. Taking a quick peek at your phone behind the wheel may not seem so bad. It’s just a few seconds, right? But in those few seconds, you could drive the length of a football field without looking at … Continue reading

Have You Caused an Accident?

Typically when I get behind the wheel, I have a little ritual I run through. Put seatbelt on, make sure my cargo is secure, get my phone out to map my route, and I usually turn on Pandora to my Justin Timberlake station. Then off I go, thinking very little that my trip will result in my safe arrival at my destination. I’m a huge proponent of no texting and … Continue reading