Tires and Road Noise — Good or Bad?

Tires may be noisy for some cars but quiet on others, so how can you tell if the tire noise you’re experiencing is good or bad? It’s important to know  that tire noise can just be an annoyance rather than an indicator that something bigger is wrong with your car. However, the constant humming could also be a sign that some other part of your car needs attention. Why Does … Continue reading

Yokohama Simulates Tire Noise, and It Looks like Gummy Worms

Yokohama has created the world’s first ever simulation of tire noise, and it’s quite a colorful affair. The tire company teamed up with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to simulate how noise is created as a tire rolls on the road. Believe it or not, tires are actually a primary source of road noise at high speeds. At slower speeds, engine noise is generally louder than tire noise. But … Continue reading