An Amazing Staycation Is Just a Quick Car Ride Away

Why take a staycation? Because it’s cheap way to take a vacation and it could uncover some amazing things you didn’t even realize were in your neighborhood. And simply having a car opens you to so many staycation options and weekend getaway ideas. Whenever I travel somewhere new, I check out the city’s top attractions on TripAdvisor. It’s a great help when there’s so much you could do but so … Continue reading

Top 5 Road Trip Car Games

I believe it was the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, or maybe it was Clark W. Griswold who once said, “Getting there is half the fun, you know thaaaaat.”   The stops between definitely help break up the monotony of road trip driving, but there are better ways to stay entertained than looking at weird roadside attractions. I’m sure you’ve spent time making great playlists to either keep your energy up … Continue reading

tire tread wear

Rough Road and Treadwear

When you are faced with a difficult task, it’s not uncommon that someone might say you have a “rough road ahead.” Because whatever it may be, it will have an effect on you. When you are driving, signs exist on the sides of roads everywhere to let you know to be cautious, since the road may end up affecting your car and how it functions. And if not your car, … Continue reading

3 Essentials to Bring on Summer Road Trip

So it’s summer and you’re ready to get up, get out, and enjoy a summer road trip with your family. Before you drop everything and get on the road, don’t drop the ball; remember, there are essentials for every successful summer road trip. I’d be a fool to tell you to bring a GPS system since you don’t really have a choice. You’ve got GPS on your phone, GPS in … Continue reading

Creative Wedding Vehicles

I just got married a little over two weeks ago. Jon and I aren’t traditional people so we didn’t do a lot of traditional wedding things. We didn’t do a bouquet or garter toss. And I had two girls and two guys as my brides-people. As we were planning, I realized just how much traditional stuff we weren’t going to have to plan. Like how were we going to be … Continue reading

Fourth of July Fun

As the Fourth of July draws closer, I’ve found my mind drifting to thoughts of fireworks, warm nights, sparklers, picnics, and road trips…hello, summertime! Every year for the Fourth of July my family journeys out to upstate New York to spend the holiday in the splendor of the countryside. The area of New York my family visits is about a 4 hour drive from my home in Cleveland, so clearly … Continue reading

Travel Apps Get a Boost at SXSW Interactive Accelerator

When you think SXSW (South by Southwest, or South By), you might think indie rock bands turned next big things. But the annual Austin, Texas festival is so much more than that. It’s also an opportunity to showcase innovation in everything we do, which includes how we travel. Think about it. 10 years ago, you were probably highlighting a paper map or having a trip itinerary printed out. When’s the … Continue reading

Drive Safely This Thanksgiving

There’s plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Getting together with loved ones to indulge in turkey and stuffing is something most of us look forward to every year. Whether your favorite part of the holiday is watching the big parade, preparing the meal, or gobbling it up, we’re sure you’re anticipating a great get-together this year. If you plan on driving this week or next, please be safe behind … Continue reading

Top 10 Road Trip Destinations

The road trip. A time-honored tradition. They can be relaxing, revitalizing, and really fun. Some people even consider them spiritual journeys and rites of passage. So while we’ve all heard that the journey is half the fun, there’s no journey unless you choose a destination. Or at least a direction. Here are RightTurn’s top 10 road trip destinations in no particular order. Take it from this road trip veteran, pick any of … Continue reading