Are Used Tires Safe? 3 Reasons Why Not

Thinking about buying used tires and asking yourself “are used tires safe?” I personally don’t think so, and here are three reasons why. 1. You don’t know how used tires have been… used. Overinflation, underinflation, excessive loads, harsh cleansers, improper storage — all these things can cause damage to a tire and make it more susceptible to failure. Trouble is, it’s not always possible to tell just by looking at … Continue reading

Chinese Tires. A Risky Deal.

My husband always says “you get what you pay for.” While I am a bargain shopper always on the lookout for the next sale, I am also aware that cheaper is oftentimes not better. Take tires, for instance. We here at RightTurn start to pace back and forth and wipe our sweaty brows a little when we hear two words: Chinese tires. Why, you ask? Are we afraid of a … Continue reading

Texas Bill Would Regulate Scrap and Used Tires

Driving on tires that are damaged, improperly repaired, or excessively worn is dangerous for drivers. Illegally dumping scrap tires is dangerous for the environment. Those are the two driving forces behind Texas Senate Bill 459. SB 459 passed the Texas Senate 29-1 on April 15. It heads to the Texas House of Representatives next. What Is SB 459? The bill sets strict rules for the “sale, storage, transportation, and disposal … Continue reading