How to Make the Ultimate Winter Survival Kit

Don’t be scared by that headline! Putting together the ultimate winter survival kit isn’t all that hard — and it just might save your life. You might be asking yourself “do I need a winter survival kit?” Yes! All drivers need a winter car survival kit. Being stranded isn’t only possible in Alaska. Remember the Atlanta 2014 ice storm? People were stuck in their cars for 12+ hours! image credit … Continue reading

Holiday Travel Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the hap-hap-happiest season of all! But if you’re not five years old, then you you know you have to pay attention to the best holiday travel tips. And there are things to consider whether you’re in a cold region or not. No matter what, the traffic will be heavy and the distances will be great, so please make sure that you are taking … Continue reading

winter rims

The Truth about Rims and Winter

I know I don’t need to tell you what’s heading our way but I’m going to tell you anyway: frigid cold temperatures, snow, slush, freezing rain, and plenty of ice, making for adventurous winter driving. That means we’re going to need a lot of salt. Sure it does a good job removing that stuff I mentioned earlier, but it also takes quite a toll on your car. Salt combined with … Continue reading

winter safety tips

3 Major Winter Safety Tips  

We’re halfway through winter (ok not really, but close), and El Niño has kept it mild for many of us. We are still, however, in winter driving season. Because winter driving means more than snow. First, there’s a reason why we here at are pretty adamant about calling winter tires “winter tires” as opposed to “snow tires.” Most all-season tires harden starting at 45°F. This turns them into hockey … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from RightTurn

On behalf of Jake and Jarod, I’d like to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we hope you enjoy your time spent with loved ones. For those of you traveling on wintery roads, please take care to be safe! Make sure your tires are properly inflated, etc etc etc. I know. We’re always pushing our winter driving tips, but it’s only because we care. … Continue reading

True or False:
Bridges Freeze Before Roads

True. When driving in cold weather, do you slow down when you reach a bridge? Apparently you should — we all should. Because bridges are exposed to air on all sides, they lose heat and mirror the air’s temperature. Air only touches the road, on the other hand, on one side, its surface. A bridge’s materials also negatively affect heat retention. Check out this nifty animation we found to fully … Continue reading

Vodka to Clear the Roads?

Researchers at Washington State University are experimenting with a variety of foods to see if they can develop more environmentally safe ways to deice our roads. One of those foods happens to be made up of leftover barley residue from vodka distilleries. Thanks to its rising price and potentially harmful side effects, salt is becoming the least attractive option for keeping our roads safe. I blogged recently about salt’s rising … Continue reading

Warming Up Your Car is a Cleveland No No

Nearly every morning, as I get ready for work, I go outside and start my car — in my driveway — and go back inside, letting it warm up while I finish gathering my things for the day. After all, Cleveland winters are cold, and winter is fully upon us here. Apparently this action is illegal! According to the Ohio Revised Code (scroll down to 4511.661 Unattended motor vehicles), this … Continue reading