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Texting and Driving Isn’t the Only Distracted Driving

With cell phones came calling while driving—not good, but at least your eyes are still on the road. With text messaging came texting while driving—and texting accidents. And finally, with smartphones and their apps came Googling, Facebooking, Snapchatting, Skyping,and heaven know what else while driving.

No matter what you’re doing, it’s distracted driving if the road ahead of you is only getting a fraction of your attention. Distracted drivers are categorically dangerous, but here are three people who exemplify just how real the dangers of texting while driving.

Reports: Video captures woman steering car with foot while texting with both hands

Drivers are supposed to steer their steering wheel with their hands. I’ve known some to drive with their knee for short stretches. But I have never in my life witnessed someone stupid enough to be texting and driving with their FOOT. Seriously, do you have a death wish?

It seems this Pennsylvania woman does, because a concerned motorist videotaped her driving with her foot for a good 20 minutes. The onlooker even got the foot-driver’s attention and told her to pay attention to the road. Her only response was a smirk before putting her face back in her phone. Ugh.

Read more at Fox News or watch the original video posted to Instagram:

PLEASE SHARE ….. LICENSE PLATE JZE-7829 Pennsylvania… This woman drove with her left foot and both hands (and eyes) on her phone while she was driving …the entire time we were near her, which was a good 20 minutes…. Even on I-76 … When someone gets killed because your too busy on your phone to drive like a responsible adult, I have video evidence and your license plate… Also to all of the negative critics of this video: its not fake, its disturbing. My husband was driving and I was recording from the passenger seat, and we did get her plate and it was reported. Hope that clears things up. #lowermerion #lowermarionpolice #pastatepolice #6abcACTION #nbc10 #fox29news #distracteddriving #itcanwait #youreanidiot #textinganddriving #philadelphia #Pennsylvania #bitch #baddriving #poorlifechoices #follow #videooftheday #alllivesmatter #angry #roadrage #putdownthephone #pokemongo #texting #textneck #womandrivingwithfoot #surekillexpressway #goodmorningamerica #Schuylkillexpressway #belmontave

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If you ever, ever see this yourself, call the cops.

Driver slams into Baltimore cop car while playing Pokemon Go

There’s something especially shameful about hitting a cop car. A parked cop car? You weren’t even trying to drive safely. All because you’re playing a game? Your tail is so far between your legs (and this coming from a guy who himself greatly enjoys Pokémon Go).

Distracted driving has gone way beyond texting while driving. Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith puts it simply: “This is no different than texting and driving, changing a CD, putting on makeup or eating a sandwich. You have to pay attention while driving.”

By all means, enjoy Pokémon Go. But not while driving. Getting out and walking is one of the whole points of the game. If you’re really that desperate to rush around driving from Pokéstop to Pokéstop, at least do it as a passenger.

The shocking moment a bus driver looks down to send a text before smashing into the back of a truck stopped on the side of the road

An oldie but a goodie. And by goodie I mean good example of what you SHOULD NOT DO. Thanks to the combination of a front-facing dash camera and a second camera facing the driver, this video is the clearest demonstration I can think of for just how treacherous texting and driving can be.

If you don’t watch any other video, watch this one. The bus driver starts using his phone, glancing back up every few seconds, but then he looks down for what looks like 10 full seconds! At 60 mph, that’s nearly 300 yards — imagine barreling forward blindly the length of two and a half football fields.

According to the article, the driver did escape unharmed. But just take a look at his face the moment before impact. You don’t want to experience that bolt of terror, do you?

Share your own stories to help highlight the importance of driving safety and the dangers of texting while driving. Have you witnessed distracted driving or had any incidents or close calls of your own?