That’s Not What She Ordered — Bride Gets eBay Revenge

Do you/did you have a dream wedding cake? One bride did, and when her big day came, she found out that the bakery she hired didn’t deliver what she asked for.

All she wanted was a three-tiered cake decorated to look like three tires. (We love her taste.) Instead, she got a gray, barely recognizable version of the cake in the picture she gave the baker. To exact a little revenge, the bride put the cake on eBay to get the word out about the shoddy workmanship (cakemanship?).

From the eBay listing:

“A few defects due to maker being unskilled. Uncut, along with large amount of awful cupcakes for free…Complete disaster…offers please?”

After a concerned cake maker left a note on the listing saying that no one should eat this cake, the bride, who calls herself Celia, left another message in reply:

“…It has been advertised purely as a joke and i’m [sic] not expecting anyone to buy it. The cake was made for our wedding…and this is what was waiting for us at our reception.”

Too bad for the newlyweds! We hope they got a refund.