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Tire Workouts: Burn Fat and Build Muscle with Tire Exercises

Tire Exercise #1: Tire Flips

Flipping a ginormous tractor tire over is an obvious choice for tire workouts. And like most things in fitness, there are a lot of opinions. At Bodybuilding.com, Zack Even-Esh says that with tire flips, “your reward will be a new level of power and athleticism!” Yet tire flips make a Livestrong.com list of 5 most overrated exercises.

The issue with tire flips come down to safety (something we here at RightTurn value most). Doing a tire flip looks badass. And that badassery makes people want to try to flip tires even if they’re not ready. So if you are tempted to try tire flips, think about getting a trainer who can show you proper technique.

Here’s Rob Orlando of CrossFit demonstrating tire flips with a gargantuan 650-pound tire:


Tire Exercise #2: Tire Sled Dragging

So apparently there’s a workout called, well it’s called a few things: weight sledding, sled dragging, weight dragging, sled training…

It involves walking/jogging (depending on the weight you’re using) while wearing a harness connected to whatever weight you’re dragging behind you. And for most people, the easiest way to do this is with a tire.

I have never seen anyone doing this, and in all honesty I hate running enough on its own without strapping car parts to my body. But people claim all sorts of benefits from tire dragging.
These guys seem to really enjoy it. The promise of free Chipotle can be very motivating.


Tire Exercise #3: Tire Slams

Got some pent-up aggression? Think it would feel good to just beat the crap out of something? Do what this guy does: beat the crap out of a tire. Or use a tire to beat the crap out of a tree trunk, and the ground.


Tire Exercise #4: Full-Body Tire Workout

Tire workouts, international edition! These two guys, the first from Sweden and the second from Ukraine, each showcase a smorgasbord of tire-centric exercises designed for functional strength. Get warmed up with peaceful outdoor scenery, then amped up with waterfront tire exercises and trance music.

Got any tire workout recommendations of your own?