Tires in Games and Sports

We all know good tires keep your car fit to drive, but did you know that they could keep you in shape too? Depending on your fitness goals, tires might help you improve your strength and agility. Sometimes tires are even used in competitions like obstacle courses and strongman events. Apart from being used for fitness, tires can also help kids stay active. Tires make great playground equipment for kids provided the climate isn’t too hot.

Tire Flipping

Flipping a tire over might not sound like much of a feat of strength. But we’re not talking about passenger or even light truck tires here. We’re talking big agricultural tires built for tractors. Some of these monsters weigh over 900 lbs. Tire flipping is an iconic event in the strength competition The World’s Strongest Man.

Not a bodybuilder? No problem. This type of exercise is also popular with other exercise enthusiasts. The nationwide craze CrossFit incorporates tire flipping into its workouts.

Tire Obstacle Courses

Wondering what to do with scrap tires? There’s more you can do with old tires than send them to the scrap yard. Tires make great obstacle courses for all ages. With 9 old tires, you can build a backyard tire obstacle course for your kids.

However, tire obstacle courses aren’t just a fun game for kids. Running through tires using high knees has been an iconic part of military training for years.

Tire Swings

What kid didn’t play on a tire swing? Make one of your own with easy projects like this one. It’s easy to make your kids a fun swing for the summer months right in your back yard.

Ready to get out and get active? If you have access to any of the options above, tires can be a fun and different way to help you get in shape or just have some fun outside with the family. Have you tried any of the options above? Let us know in the comments.