Tires Look Good in Green

Are you looking for fuel-efficient, green tires? A report from Smithers Rapra says 28% of the tires on the market are green. By green, we mean the tires have low rolling resistance that makes them fuel efficient, or they were made from renewable or sustainable resources. Because of an increase in demand for green tires, their availability will only go up, according to the report. By 2017, Smithers Rapra expects green tires to account for 35% of the market.

So why consider green tires? They could save you not only harmful greenhouse gas emissions but also money on fuel.

Green Tires Save Gas

Your tires affect the overall fuel efficiency of your vehicle. While inflating your tires to the proper pressure is a great way to maximize the amount of miles you get per gallon of gas, the type of tires you have on your vehicle also matters. Tires that were engineered with low rolling resistance use less fuel by design. They don’t put up as much resistance to moving forward, so your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to get your vehicle going. The Alternative Fuels Data Center within the U.S. Department of Energy says you could save half a gallon of fuel per 1,000 miles driven by using tires with 10% lower rolling resistance.

Don’t sacrifice safety and performance for added fuel economy, though. Always make sure the tires you choose for your vehicle meet the original standards of the automaker.

Green Tires Could Help the Environment

There are green tires on the market from several automakers. Some use renewable and more sustainable materials like orange oil and precipitated silica to reduce the overall environmental impact of the tire’s creation. The reduction of emissions that’s caused by lower fuel consumption also helps reduce the driver’s carbon footprint.

Do you agree? Are green tires the future? Tell us in the comments.