Top 10 Bumper Stickers (And How to Remove Them)

Bumper stickers are a chance to express who you are and what you believe in — that is, IF you’re brave enough. For just a few seconds, you can either make someone laugh, think, cry, or get angry. You can’t really even take one short drive to the market without seeing some kind of comment trying to change the world with one quip. Here are ten of my favorite bumper stickers to date:

  1. Sharing one’s distaste for the world never gets old.


  1. Who doesn’t love a cute drawing of a T-Rex? Honorable mention to the “free punches in the face” one, too.


  1. A fun way to snap people back into reality about how bumper stickers don’t actually do anything.


  1. Insurance is confusing. And getting hit sucks. Let’s help each other out, yeah?


  1. I never liked this one, but I guess it served its purpose here.


  1. I love people that run. And people that don’t. Be proud of yourself.


  1. They must be out of blinker fluid…


  1. When people use part of their car to make their sticker make sense, I really appreciate the effort. This one goes with a song.



  1. Making fun of yourself is part of the game. I’m sure this soccer mom was quite a cool chick back in the day.


  1. No you don’t.


The thing about bumper stickers is that all that genius that goes into conjuring up the right words and brilliant design can suddenly become yesterday’s news. Some people choose to just let it deteriorate over time, while others wait until they trade their car in, making it someone else’s problem. So what about when you want to get rid of them, especially this November (wink, wink).

How to Remove Your Losing Candidate’s Bumper Sticker

Campaign season is coming to a close and soon enough you may be driving down the road with a bumper sticker that is no longer relevant. Sure, you still believe in your candidate; that’s why you put it there in the first place! But do you really want to be the one with the faded losing candidate sticker on your car for 4 grueling years? This, of course, applies to more than just political stickers. So instead of keeping those old “My child is an A+ student” (who is probably now out of college), silly puns, or losing presidential candidate stickers on your car long beyond their appropriate years, follow these tricks to get your old bumper stickers off to either upgrade the look of your car, or make room for new ones!

What You’ll Need

  1. Hair dryer – slightly warm up a corner of the bumper sticker. Don’t get too close; you don’t want to melt it! Once it heats up a little, it’ll be ready for step number two!
  2. Razor blade – Take a razor blade (found at any hardware store) and gently work from the top corner. Slide it between the sticker and the bumper slowly with heat still applied. Once you get enough of the sticker to grip with your hand, drop the razor but keep the heat coming!
  3. Cleaning agent – Once you slowly work your way all the way over and pull the sticker off in one piece, you might still be left with some gooey residue. No sweat! Just apply any store-bought or home-concocted natural agent and wipe away until your bumper or window is as smooth as the day you bought it!

Pro Tip

Don’t get a bumper sticker! If you still want people to get a good chuckle out there on the road, use a bumper sticker magnet or customize your very own and forget about removing and cleaning up bumper sticker residue!

So what are your favorite bumper stickers? We love a good laugh; tell us in the comments section!