college graduation gifts

Top 5 Gifts for Your College Grad

In the middle of graduation party season, you might still be wondering what college graduation gifts to get for a recent college grad. Don’t agonize over it. RightTurn is here to help!

Now that they’ve gotten over this treacherous hill, it’s time for them to embark on the long journey into the rest of their lives. Some start fast, others hit their stride after a few miles, and many just hit cruise control. No matter what, it’s pretty much up to them now that they’re in the real world. But we can always send them off with something special. So here are five gifts to consider for a deserving college grad this year.


Depending on where this new phase of their lives takes your son, daughter, or friend, they may have some extra time on their hands, especially if the new job is in a different city. Meeting people is tough, but one good conversation piece is talking about the hot show on Netflix we’re watching. And maybe it’s not Netflix, but perhaps Hulu. Or both!


Let’s just admit it, the real world is scary and intimidating and boring. And buying tires for someone is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. It shows you like gifts that keep on giving for mile after mile. It also shows you care about their safety. And moreover, it’s an expense that a young professional might not be ready to splurge on. You want them to get to their job interview safely, don’t you? For an easy tire-buying experience, buy your tires from!


Portable Battery Jump-Starter

Your college grad won’t have to look for a jump with this little lifesaver. Most can be purchased for under $100 bucks, make a great car gift, and will save your grad the cost of a tow. Not to mention, it’s safer, too. Strong enough to jump your car or truck, some models even allow you to inflate tires to the recommended tire pressure. Is there anything it can’t do?! Well, it can’t make coffee, so… 

WiFi Coffee Maker

From Mountain Dew to black coffee. Many college graduates made this transformation from freshman year to graduation day. It’s just a staple of adulthood. So when they get ready to head off to work on day one, make sure they’re wide awake before they get behind the wheel! Your college grad will appreciate being hooked up with a smart coffee maker. It allows them to set up and adjust brew times and reminders right from their phone! Right when they have to actually be an adult, life gets a little easier.

Cooking Classes

Maybe your recent college grad needs no help in this department. On the other hand, maybe he/she ate ramen noodles for the last four years. If that’s the case, it’s time to get cookin’ with some training from the professionals. There are plenty of options for a one-day cooking class or for pastries, dinners, or wine and beverages. The classes can be in a group setting, too, which makes meeting people easy as pie!

So there you have it. This list includes some really interesting and useful college graduation gifts for young professionals getting ready to drive off into the sunset. Which, make sure their headlights are working, too. That’s important, but not such a great gift.