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Top 5 Racing Simulators

Today’s scientific hypothesis that our universe and everything we know is part of some massive computer game might have some legitimacy when you consider the top five racing simulator games. These games are becoming so realistic that it’s nearly impossible to even detect a difference between what’s real and what isn’t. And going beyond reality is the determining factor in what truly makes a great game. Here are five amazingly advanced driving simulator games you have to try.

Project CARS

I’m not exactly crazy about the name, but the name of the game isn’t exactly the name of the game…if you get my drift. Project CARS utilized every bit of its effort to create one of the most advanced racing simulators you can find. In fact, the graphics are so realistic that Project CARS talks the talk and drives the drive in this side-by-side comparison with “reality.” Available on PlayStation® 4, PC, and Xbox® One.


Forza Motorsport 6 Apex

Forza Motorsport 6 Apex uses 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second to bring you 20 real track configurations. Available for Windows 10 PC gamers, Forza lets you join players around the world for authentic racing action. Its career mode is one to take part in with twelve events of races with a number of unique cars to choose from. You can even select a car from the iconic Hot Wheels collection! Be still, my heart!


Forza Horizon 3

Forza strikes again with an award-winning racing game that takes place in Australia. 350+ cars are available for you to choose, strap in, and tear up customizable race events and challenges. Four players can play online so you can find out which of your friends measures up to your off-road driving skills. Not only are the races customizable, but your driver, music, car horn, and even your license plate can be unique to you!


Assetto Corsa

Arguably the best racing game ever made, Assetto Corsa uses designs with advanced technology that feature characteristics of cars that no other racing simulator has to date. The game is so advanced that the graphics show the appearance of tire flat spots, which are what occur when a tire is compressed against a hard surface and part of the tire becomes flat, causing ride disturbance when driving. Any game that pays that much attention to tires is one I’m ok with! Single and multiplayer game play, accurately portrayed licensed cars, and Laserscan technology for the highest racetrack accuracy make Assetto Corsa a top simulator racing game.



DiRT Rally

Using the best roads in the world for rally car racing, DiRT Rally’s team scouted locations years in advance to immerse themselves in the actual feeling of being there. With a huge variety of challenges, you can feel the difference in the races from rain to water to dirt and dust. They’ve gone as far as they can to make every road as authentic as possible to real life racing. The journey feels real, the engines roar, and the gravel kick is legit. Actual rally drivers have enjoyed the experience, which speaks to its realism. I’m not kidding when I say DiRT Rally is for real.