Traffic Safety & Driving Safety around the World

Traffic safety and driving safety tips are always worthwhile topics, but they’re definitely having their moment in the sun this week.

India: Army man turned poet writes song of driving safety tips.

Since retiring from the army, Ishwar Chand Gambhir enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. His latest inspiration? Traffic safety. He’s penned a song hoping to spread awareness of traffic rules and inspire drivers to follow them.

Next on to-do list is for Kiran Yadav, superintendent of police, traffic, to find a singer and composer to complete and record the song so they can bring it to schools.

Bummer that I can’t share the song itself with you yet considering it isnt’ finished, but once it is (hopefully with English subtitles) I’ll post it!


Japan: Toyota launches City Firefly Project to increase traffic safety awareness.

Toyota Motor Corporation clearly has a longstanding dedication to driving safety since this is the 48th annual Toyota Traffic Safety Campaign. And later this September, Toyota is cranking it up a notch by brining a new City Firefly Project to all dealerships throughout Japan.

The luminous name — City Firefly Project — is inspired by Toyota’s wish to help prevent accidents by brightening dark streets. The project will promote traffic safety for drivers and pedestrians alike by encouraging things using high-beam headlights and wearing reflective clothing.

For all you Toyota drivers here in the states, we have our own safety tip for you: give your Toyota new tires.


Ohio: September is Safe Driving Awareness Month (among other things).

Last but not least, let’s bring things back to my adoptive hometown of Ohio. In addition to being in the midst of Baby Safety Month and two days away from National Child Passenger Safety Week, Ohioans are also celebrating Safe Driving Awareness Month.

On June 17, 2014, Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 294 to make September Safe Driving Awareness Month in Ohio. The bill was sponsored by Senator Jim Hughes after a crash that killed the daughter of Columbus sports anchor Dom Tiberi.

The goal of Safe Driving Awareness Month is to increase awareness of distracted driving and encourage all Ohioans to resist the temptation.

So all in all, a lot going on this week in terms of traffic safety. Do you have any driving safety tips of your own to share?