Wash Me! Cleveland Car Wash Review.

You know when you see those cars that have “wash me” written through the dust and dirt caked on the windows and sides of the car? Well, it sure is a lot more fun to see it written on other people’s cars than on your own. Looking at my own car and seeing that it was desperately screaming “wash me”, I decided to check out Cleveland Hot List of car washes and a myriad of Yelp car wash reviews to check out what some of the top-rated car washes in the Cleveland area are.

1. #1 Express Carwash & Detail Center

This Westlake located and family-owned car wash has received rave reviews from customers for years, making it a local favorite. Express Carwash takes advantage of the latest technological innovations to provide customers with the highest quality possible. Express Carwash features a 150-foot brushless tunnel and 11 super high-powered touch-free dryers, which creates over 200 horsepower! For the DIY type, #1 Express Carwash & Detail Center also offers a do-it-yourself washer, providing customers with 3 high pressure washing areas, 8 vacuums, and over 20 different car care products. To read more about #1 Express Carwash & Detail Center, check out their website here.

2. Kwik Car Wash

Located in Parma and in business since 1953, Kwik Car Wash definitely has plenty of experience washing cars. Kwik Car Wash boasts a full menu of different car wash services, providing options to satisfy nearly any customer. Kwik Car Wash also offers and unlimited wash program, giving people the opportunity to keep their car in tip-top shape for a single monthly fee. To read more, take a look at their website.

3. Chief’s Auto Wash

For those of you on the east side, Chief’s Auto Wash in South Euclid has received great reviews on Yelp, coming in at #3 on their top-rated car wash list. Unlike other car washes that offer a variety of options at different prices, Chief’s believes that all cars should get “the works”, so this is the only option available. Chief’s also features a hall of mirrors that customers drive through so that they can thoroughly inspect their car. Learn more about Chief’s Auto Wash.

4. Pearl Brookpark Car Wash

Consistently voted in the top 5 car washes in Cleveland for the past few years, Pearl Brookpark offers a wide variety of services at reasonable prices. Pearl Brookpark also sells a Club Plan that allows customers to receive unlimited car washes throughout the year at discounted prices, making this a great option for clean-freaks. Learn more at their webpage!

5. Al Paul Auto Wash

Located in University Heights, Al Paul Auto Wash has been a staple for years, combining convenience with quality. Al Paul’s wash utilizes a soft-touch washing technique and features vacuum drying. While Al Paul’s doesn’t have a company website, I definitely recommend checking it out in person!

6. Bee Clean Car Wash

Located in my hometown, Lakewood, Bee Clean is my personal favorite. I have been going there since I was a kid and my mom went there when she was a kid, so I definitely have a soft spot for Bee Clean. From personal experience, I can say that the staff is super friendly and that they will get your car squeaky clean for a really reasonable price. Definitely try it out!

7. Meticulous Car Wash & Detailing

Located in Euclid, Meticulous Car Wash is unique in that they hand wash and dry all vehicles, so as to achieve a gentle, personalized, and thorough cleaning experience. Meticulous also offers discounts to policemen, firemen, teachers, and senior citizens, which is definitely a nice touch. Read more about Meticulous.

8. The Rainforest Car Wash

The Rainforest Car Wash of Cleveland Heights is another car wash that offers a very unique experience. As the name suggests, the Rainforest Car Wash plays sounds from the rainforest while your car is being washed—this is definitely a plus for kids!

9. Eddy’s Square Deal Hand Car Wash

Centrally located in Cleveland, Eddy’s Square Deal offers customers a very personalized experience with hand washing and drying. Prices are reasonable and the cleaning is thorough, however it is worth noting that some say this car wash can take between 10-15 minutes.

10. Avon Laser Wash

Located on the west side in Avon, Avon Laser Wash has received great reviews from customers and is in a nice, convenient location for west siders. With affordable prices and a variety of service options, Avon Laser Wash is a great place to remove all that dirt and grime.


Clearly there are a lot of great car wash options in Cleveland. So, if your car, like mine, is begging to be washed, then check out one of these great car wash options. Don’t see your favorite car wash listed here? Then leave a comment with your local fave.