How Are Wheels and Cinco de Mayo Related?

Lime wheels, that is. A cold margarita (virgin if you’re driving) is the perfect drink for Cinco de Mayo. And a lime wheel is the perfect garnish. Plus, it’s dead easy to make lime wheels. Take a lime, slice it into wheels, give each wheel a little notch, and slide them onto a salty rim.

That’s how I’ve always done it anyway. But then I watched this video about how to cut lime wheels for garnish by DrinkSkool, where Andy Seymour discusses the possible peril of a notched lime wedge: a lime wheel stuck on a glass can “go flippity-flop and take a tumble.”

And you know what they say. Nobody likes to see the lime wheel tumble (“they” being Andy).

So Andy forgoes the notch and just lets his lime wheels chill out on top of the ice. I’m still partial to my notched lime wheel, but I’ll be extra careful to keep them from going flippity-flop.

How do you do your lime wheels? And if you’re not a fan of margaritas, how do you like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? (If it involves alcohol and you need a ride home, please get a lift from a friend, taxi, or Uber.)