Why Should We Care about Salt Prices?

I asked myself the same question when someone suggested I write about road salt’s increased cost. Because of skyrocketing prices for road salt, several counties across the country, including Northeast Ohio, will have to work harder this winter to keep their streets safer from ice and snow.

Why are prices skyrocketing? There are several theories, and not everyone thinks the rise is legit. In the meantime, this affects us in a number of ways:

First, high road salt expenses mean communities have less money to spend elsewhere (like fixing potholes come spring). Second, communities may have to look for less expensive ways to clear their streets. And finally, if they can’t find better salt prices or alternative methods, our roads are going to be messier.

So what can we do?

Two words: winter tires.

Even without snow and ice, winter tires help in colder conditions. They stay flexible in
45°F. The more flexible your tires, the more they’ll conform to the road. Imagine trying to drive on hard tires. You’d slide so much more easily! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So while the politicians figure out the salt situation, I think I’ll make sure I’m prepared for whatever winter throws at us this year. How about you?